Enactment News
Enactments from the 134th General Assembly (2021-2022)
Revise Probate Law, Guardianship Law, and Ohio Trust Code

HB 8

Enactment Summary


Revise electronic recording of custodial interogations

Revise electronic recording of custodial interogations
Marsy's law implementation

Prohibit manipulation of controlled substance addiction

Prohibit Swatting
Increase penalty for disturbing a religious worship meeting

Create Fulton County Municipal Court; abolish Fulton County Court

SB 2

Enactment Summary


Regards criminal case competency and enters Ohio into PSYPACT
Statute of Limitations

Regards civil action by, and crimes against, first responders

“Relapse Reduction Act” – trafficking near addiction service

SB 126

Enactment Summary


Collin's Law - Hazing
Prohibit Disability from Being used to deny, limit parenting
Postnuptual Agreements and Appointed Judges

Criminal Justice Omnibus