Enactments from the 132nd General Assembly (2017-2018)

HB 6


Prohibit fees for correcting criminal record information (Barnes) 


HB 7


Address medical claims and provider immunities (Cupp)


HB 38


Increase penalty for murder or assault of certain persons (Greenspan)


HB 49


F4 and F5 sentencing changes and TCAP (Smith, R.) 


HB 63


Add prison term if disfigure or incapacitate victim (Hughes)


HB 92


Require public indecency before minors offenders to register (Schaffer)


HB 95


Enhance penalty for moving violations while distracted (Hughes, Seitz)


HB 96


Increase penalty for sexual imposition (Hughes)


HB 174


Add judges to franklin county domestic relations division (Hughes, Lanese)

HB 215

Create paulding county municipal court (Riedel)


HB 223

Enactment Summary

Regards transfers of structured settlement payment rights (Dever)


HB 228

Enactment Summary

Regards self-defense and handling firearms (Johnson, LaTourette)


HB 341

Enactment Summary

Exempt personal information about judges from disclosure (Huffman, Cera)


HB 366

Enactment Summary

Change laws governing child support (Gavarone)


HB 405

Enactment Summary

Make counterfeiting a corrupt activity crime (Perales)


HB 425

Enactment Summary

Declare police body camera recordings not to be public records and other record sealing changes (Antani, Craig) 


HB 497

Enactment Summary

Prohibit disseminating private sexual images (Rogers, Manning)


SB 4

Enactment Summary

Expand expungement and intervention (Kunze, Oelslager)


SB 7

Enactment Summary

Actual knowledge of protection orders (Bacon, Manning) 


SB 20

Enactment Summary

Add prison term if permanently disable victim (Hackett)


SB 33

Enactment Summary

LEADS disclosure; Intervention-in-Lieu-of-Conviction (Eklund) 


SB 66

Enactment Summary

Modify criminal sentencing, records sealing and Intervention-in-Lieu-of-Conviction (Eklund, Tavares)


SB 158

Enactment Summary

Combat elder fraud and exploitation; require restitution for (Wilson)


SB 231

Enactment Summary

Create violent offender database and address offender releases (Gardner)


SB 263

Enactment Summary

Enact Notary Public Modernization Act (Huffman, Wilson)


SB 296

Enactment Summary

County official pay raises (Hottinger)