Enactments from the 132nd General Assembly

SB 7

Enactment Summary

Know of Protection Order if Actual Knowledge (Bacon, Manning

To amend section 2919.27 of the Revised Code to provide the circumstances when service of a protection order or consent agreement upon a person is not necessary for the person to be convicted of the offense of violating a protection order.

HB 6

Enactment Summary

Prohibit Fees for Correcting Criminal Record Information (Barnes

Prohibit fees for correcting criminal record information.

HB 49

Enactment Summary

Creates FY 2018-2019 operating budget (Smith, R.

Biennial Operating Budget was signed into law on June 30, 2017.  This has a number of items that impact the Judiciary, which are outlined in the attached "Enactment Summary".  A good number of these are DRC changes.

HB 63

Enactment Summary

Additional Prison Term - accelerant and disfigurement/incapacity - "Judy's Law" (Hughes

The bill requires an additional prison term for certain felonious assault offenses when an accelerant is used in committing the offense.

HB 174

Enactment Summary

Add judges to Franklin County Domestic Relations Division (Hughes, Lanese)

This bill was also a companion bill to SB 130, which was also enacted.

HB 95

Enactment Summary

Distracted Driving Penalty (Hughes, Seitz)

Enhance penalty for moving violations while distracted.

SB 33

Enactment Summary

LEADS disclosure; Intervention-in-Lieu-of-Conviction (Eklund

The bill makes changes relevant to LEADS disclosure to defendants, and expands judicial discretion as it relates to intervention-in-lieu-of-conviction.

HB 366

Enactment Summary

Change laws governing child support (Gavarone

Change laws governing child support.