Judicial Advisory Group


Judge Debra L. Boros
Lorain Co. Domestic Relations/Juvenile Court


Judge Anthony Capizzi
Montgomery Co. Juvenile Court

Judge Matthew J. Crehan, Retired
Butler Co. Common Pleas Court

Judge Mary DeGenaro
Seventh District Court of Appeals

Judge John J. Donnelly, Retired
Cuyahoga Co. Probate Court

Judge Cynthia L. Ebner
Franklin Co. Municipal Court

Judge Mary Katherine Huffman
Montgomery Co. Common Pleas Court

Judge Philip Alan B. Mayer
Richland Co. Probate Court

Judge Jack R. Puffenburger
Lucas Co. Probate Court

Judge Matthew P. Puskarich
Harrison Co. Probate/Juvenile Court

Judge Reginald J. Routson
Hancock Co. Common Pleas Court

Judge Diane S. A. Vettori
Mahoning County Court #3

Judge Gary L. Yost
Ashtabula Co. Coommon Pleas Court

4th District


JAG Member Events

2016 Conference Call TBD


The Judicial Advisory Group (JAG) is a group of judges who work with the  Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program (OLAP)  to extend its ability to provide confidential assistance to judges.

  • OLAP and JAG help only judges who want help. OLAP and JAG have no enforcement authority and no reporting requirements. If a judge declines an offer of help, that is the end of the matter.
  • If a judge seems to need help, OLAP/JAG can assess whether he or she truly does and what kind of help might be appropriate.

OLAP is neither a substitute for nor a diversion from disciplinary referrals.

If you know a judge who may need assistance, contact either OLAP or a JAG member. OLAP and JAG will work together to assess the issue and determine an appropriate course of action. 

OLAP has a 24/7 hotline: 1-800-348-4343

Learn more details in the Judicial Advisory Group Brochure.

Your contact with OLAP/JAG, as well as any contact between OLAP/JAG and the judge you are concerned about, will be completely confidential.

Why a Judicial Advisory Group?

OLAPhas proven experience and expertise working with attorneys and judges to assess substance abuse and mental health issues, and to provide referrals and other services. 

Judges routinely make decisions in contested cases with high stakes. JAG members have the expertise to:

  • ensure that a referral does not reflect a desire to discredit a judge based on judicial decisions or other official acts
  • provide assistance that responds to the constraints of judges
  • assist with professional issues that fall outside OLAP's expertise.

Ohio's six judicial associations nominate members to the Judicial Advisory Group. The Ohio Judicial Conference appoints members and provides administrative support for the group.

OJC Staff

Paul Pfeifer, email, or phone: 614-387-9750