Judicial Impact Statements

Judicial Impact Statements inform the General Assembly about the impact pending legislation might have on the administration of justice.

130th General Assembly

House Bill 186 and Senate Bill 139/Indigent Defense



129th General Assembly

House Bill 28/Judges' Personal Liability

House Bill 86/Sentencing Reform

House Bill 118/Judicial Assaults

House Bill 202/Retire Rehire

House Bill 247/Assessments and Waivers of Court Costs

House Bill 265/Right to Jury Trial

House Bill 268/Jury Service and Moderization

Senate Bill 122/Interstate Compact for Juveniles

Senate Bill 144/Equal Parenting

Judicial Compensation

Judicial Authority to Operate the Court and Make Hiring and Compensation Decisions


128th General Assembly

House Bill 10/Teen Dating Violence

House Bill 103 and HB 89/Judicial Assaults

House Bill 238/Disclosure of Assets in Divorce

House Bill 244/Property Division Post Divorce Decree

House Bill 335/Probate Modernization

House Bill 438/Personal Liability