Bills that Impact the Judiciary
General Assembly:

    Modernize the adoption process (Ray, Baker)

    Regards equal parental time and responsibilities for a child (Creech, John)

    Computer Crimes Act (Swearingen)

    Transportation Budget (Edwards)

    Regards driver's license suspensions-failure to pay child support (Humphrey, Brewer)

    Establishes operating appropriations for fiscal years 2024-2025 (Edwards)

    Excuse breast-feeding mothers from jury service (Klopfenstein, King)

    Eliminate limitations period for certain sexual abuse claims (Seitz, Miranda)

    Increase penalties for OVI and aggravated vehicular homicide (Johnson, Miller)

    Create mechanism to allow relief-collateral sanction for housing (Humphrey, Seitz)

    Increase penalty-fleeing police; regards motor vehicle pursuit (Plummer, White)

    Provide counsel to destitute defendants facing eviction (Galonski, Miller)

    Modify eminent domain law (Kick, Creech)

    Enact Ohio Saving Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act (Click)

    Revise membership of county veterans service commissions (Stewart, Willis)

    Expand methods by which land banks acquire delinquent property (Patton)

    Prohibit installing tracking device or app without consent (Patton)

    Thin Blue Line Flag (Miller, )

    Modify the law regarding village dissolution (Bird, Schmidt)

    Expand intimidation offenses to include guardians ad litem (Pavliga, Miller)

    Eliminate period of limitation - rape prosecution or civil action (Galonski, Miranda)

    Increase assault penalties if the victim is a sports official (Roemer, Miller)

    Enact the Ohio Safe Homes Act (Grim)

    Allow an August special election for certain purposes (Manchester)

    Require sexual motivation for criminal child enticement offense (Dell'Aquila)

    Prohibit rental discrimination based on lawful source of income (Upchurch, Miller)

    Create the Bureau of Hate Crimes in the Attorney General's Office (Weinstein, Somani)

    Eliminate spousal exceptions for certain sex offenses (Miranda, Hillyer)

    Enact Extreme Risk Protection Order Act (Grim, Thomas)

    Regards vicarious liability in tort actions; statutes of repose (Mathews, Stewart)

    Regards recorded instruments, powers of attorney, judgment liens (Hillyer, Williams)

    Bail reform (Swearingen, Seitz)

    Change maximum periods of community control sanctions (Williams, Seitz)

    Regards public school expulsion for actions dangerous to others (Click, Robb Blasdel)

    Regards drug trafficking, organized trafficking of persons (Abrams, Swearingen)

    Enact the Self-Defense Protection Act (Williams, Hillyer)

    Regards imposing sentence on offender who entered an Alford plea (Williams, Rogers, Jr.)

    Allow concealed carry in certain buildings with a courtroom (Mathews, Pizzulli)

    Add a judge to the Adams County Court of Common Pleas ()

    Enact the Innocence Act (Demetriou)

    Regards electronic filing of court documents; computerization (Stewart, Brown)

    Regards juvenile court transfer to juvenile's home county (Bird, Williams)

    Allow child support orders for children over 18 with a disability (White)

    Enact Issue 1 Implementation Act (Dean, Gross)

    Regards traffic offenses in construction zones (Click, Johnson)

    Enacts the Getting Rehabilitated Ohioans Working Act (Hillyer, Seitz)

    Revise medical marijuana law (Huffman, Schuring)

    Marsy's Law Corrections (Wilson)

    Regards non-recourse civil litigation advance business (Wilson)

    Regards venue for appeal from an agency order, court changes (McColly, Reynolds)

    Regards real property foreclosures (Hackett)

    Regards operating a vehicle, watercraft under marihuana influence (Manning)

    Grant immunity for self or other-defense in certain circumstances (Schaffer)

    Regards driver's license suspension law; financial responsibility (Blessing, III, Ingram)

    Regards driver's license suspension law; financial responsibility (Blessing III, Ingram)

    Provide for electronic execution of wills, other documents (Roegner)

    Revise 9-1-1 law; regards emergency telecommunicator training (Wilson, Smith)

    Require plaintiff in asbestos claim to file specified disclosures (Lang)

    Abolish death penalty; modify juror challenges in certain cases (Antonio, Huffman)

    Regards ADAMH boards; recovery housing residences (Johnson, Sykes)

    Revise the law regarding bail (Manning, Hicks-Hudson)

    Eliminate spousal exception for sex offenses; allow testimony (Kunze, Manning)

    Enact the Suicide Self-Defense Act (Craig)

    Make election officials public service workers re:public records (DeMora, Gavarone)

    Allow child support orders for children over 18 with a disability (Sykes, Romanchuk)