Bills that Impact the Judiciary
General Assembly:

    Enact Aisha's Law regarding domestic violence / arrest authority (Boyd, Carruthers)

    Regards child abuse and neglect reporting (Plummer, Manchester)

    Revise Probate Law, Guardianship Law, and Ohio Trust Code (Grendell, Stewart)

    Revise electronic recording of custodial interrogations (West, Plummer)

    Provide enforcement mechanism for certain constitutional rights (Grendell)

    Modify the campaign finance law (Grendell, Frazier)

    Expand the offense of obstructing justice (LaRae, Wilkin)

    Increase assault penalties in certain circumstances (Roemer, Miller III)

    Regards certain statutes of limitation and repose (Hillyer)

    Revise eminent domain law (Cutrona)

    Enact FY 2022-2023 transportation budget (Oelslager, )

    Revise child support laws with regard to caretakers (Russo, Manchester)

    Revise Address Confidentiality Program and recorder fees (Abrams, LaRae)

    Regards adoption / duration of emergency rules (Merrin)

    Regards age-appropriate child sexual abuse instruction (Lipps, Kelly)

    Regards parental right of disposition for deceased adult child (Galonski)

    Increase penalties-certain criminal offenses; peace officer (Abrams, Carruthers)

    Creates appropriations for FY 2022-2023 (Oelslager)

    Regards use of handheld electronic wireless device while driving (Lightbody)

    Eliminate sex crime spousal exceptions; permit spousal testimony (Lanese, Boggs)

    Require certain judicial candidates have party ballot designation (Swearingen, Stewart)

    Enact Jacob's Law re:certain child abuse-related offenses (Lampton)

    Regards criminal sentencing and correction (Boggs, Carfagna)

    Abolish the death penalty; revise juror challenge numbers (Schmidt, Miller)

    Remove damage cap for noneconomic loss for rape victims (Boggs, Russo)

    Expand intimidation offenses to guardians ad litem/advocates (Pavliga, Miller)

    Allow certain crime victims to terminate rental agreement (Sobecki, Lepore-Hagan)

    Regards statutes of limitation for rape and child sexual abuse (Galonski, Miranda)

    Regards wrongful death claims (Brown, Oelslager)

    Prohibit driving while using electronic communications device (Abrams, Lampton)

    Change the venue for appeal from an agency order (Seitz)

    Create offense: strangulation by a law enforcement officer (Lapore-Hagan, Galonski)

    Revise voter registration and conduct of elections (Lepore-Hagan, Liston)

    Make bail changes (Leland, Hillyer)

    Enact Expanding Human Trafficking Justice Act (Galonski, Richardson)

    Regards qualified immunity for peace officers; indemnification (West, Denson)

    Regards wills, declarations, living wills, powers of attorney (Swearingen)

    Revise the law re: rights of crime victim (White)

    Require human impact statement for criminal justice bills (Howse, Crossman)

    Revise the Unclaimed Funds Law (Merrin)

    Prohibit disability from being used to deny, limit parenting (Ray)

    Clarify appointing authority - boards of county hospital trustees (Stewart, Johnson)

    Revise the offense of voyeurism (Schmidt)

    Regards criminal case competency and enters Ohio into PSYPACT (Gavarone)

    Exempt personal info of certain persons from public records law (Roegner)

    Regards certain statutes of limitation and repose (Lang)

    Regards voter registration systems and candidate protests (Rulli)

    Enact Relapse Reduction Act regarding drug tests and trafficking (Gavarone)

    Increase penalties for arson and related offenses (Brenner)

    Revise eligibility for crime victim reparations (Manning, Huffman)

    Enacts Cooper's Law regarding crimes and record retention (Schaffer)

    Requires restitution or reimbursement for certain crimes (Schaffer)

    Allow primary election candidate fill ballot vacancy (Manning)

    Prohibit assault by a law enforcement officer (Williams, Thomas)

    Regards firearms transfers; require background check (Thomas)

    Restore local authority to regulate firearms-related conduct (Thomas, Craig)

    Regards certain items that increase firearms' rate of fire (Thomas)

    Require certain judicial candidates have party ballot designation (Gavarone, Cirino)

    Prohibit impeding breathing or circulation of family members (Kunze, Antonio)

    Abolish the death penalty; revise juror challenge numbers (Antonio, Huffman)

    Enact Collin's Law: The Ohio Anti-Hazing Act (Kunze, Gavarone)

    Regards scope, reporting, and training re: bias-motivated crim (Maharath, Antonio)

    Regards expungement of eviction case court files (Craig, Kunze)

    Regards companion animal cruelty; destruction by gas chamber (Hottinger, Yuko)

    Regards children's crisis care facilities and infant care centers (Dolan, Antonio)

    Make bail changes (McColley, Huffman)

    Enact Expanding Human Trafficking Justice Act (Fedor, Kunze)

    Regards emergency powers when suppressing a riot; firearms rights (Schaffer)

    Regards constitutionality of federal actions (Lang, McColley)

    Revise Guardianship Law, Trust Law, other estate-related law (Blessing, III)

    Regards operating a vehicle under the influence of marihuana (Manning)

    Modifies the Hamilton County Drug Court's jurisdiction (Thomas, Wilson)

    Regards legal agreements between spouses (Gavarone)

    Regards real property foreclosures (Hackett)

    Regards concealed handgun licensee duties (Johnson)

    Enact Dylan's Law regarding substance-exposed newborns (Johnson)

    Increase penalties for criminal voyeurism (Antani)

    Allow sealing of certain dismissed charges (Antani)