Bills that Impact the Judiciary
General Assembly:

    ILC and Record Sealing for Drug Charges (Plummer, Hicks-Hudson)

    Domestic Violence (Boyd, Carruthers)

    Establish Governor's Office of Drug Policy (Brown, Stoltzfus)

    Revise humane society law (Hambley)

    Transportation Budget (Oelslager)

    Capital Case Costs (Wilkin, Rogers)

    Death Penalty and the Mentally Ill (Hillyer)

    Death Penalty (Hillyer)

    Traffic Cameras (Patton)

    Traffic Cameras (Patton)

    Traffic Cameras (Patton)

    Traffic Cameras (Patton)

    Animal Abuse Rights (Brinkman)

    Waive Fee for Limited Driving Privileges (Blessing, III)

    Biennial Budget (Oelslager)

    Adoption, Custody and Blindness (Crawley, Cross)

    Good Samaritan Expansion (Galonski)

    Assault Penalties (Roemer, Miller)

    Dower (Carruthers, Kick)

    Importuning (K. Smith)

    Occupational Licensing and Criminal Convictions (Koehler)

    Unclaimed Funds Reform (Merrin)

    Personal Jurisdiction (Oelslager, Hillyer)

    Revise law about electronic recording of custodial interrogations (Plummer, West)

    Establish Driver's License Reinstatement Fee Debt Reduction Prog. (Greenspan, Brent)

    Eminent Domain (Manning, D.)

    Revoke professional licenses for criminal misconduct (Boggs, Crawley)

    Privilege communications-first responder peer recovery supporters (Smith, T.)

    Modify statute of limitations for child abuse and neglect (Kennedy Kent)

    Enhance penalty for crimes against correction and parole officers (Greenspan)

    Increase penalties for voyeurism (Antani, Plummer)

    Increase penalties-assault of transit operator/evading fares (Denson, Perales)

    Enacts Anti-Bullying and Hazing Act (Greenspan)

    Get court order temporarily restricting access to guns (Russo, Sweeney)

    Limit how gun may be transferred and require background check (Robinson, Miller)

    Restore local authority to regulate firearm-related conduct (West, Miller)

    Prohibit dealer transferring firearm if background check pending (West)

    Raise limits on noneconomic and punitive damages in tort actions (Miller)

    Require subject of certain protection orders surrender firearms (Lepore-Hagan, Boyd)

    Provides privileged communications for victim advocacy services (Stein, Galonski)

    Enacts Mental Health Awareness and Comm. Violence Protection Act (Greenspan)

    Obtain title to motor vehicle ordered into storage by police (Jones)

    Prohibit person under protection order buying/receiving firearm (Miller)

    Prohibit possession of large capacity magazine (Weinstein)

    Re-enact animal fighting and bestiality laws (Hoops)

    Terminate lease if victim of specified crime (Sobecki, Lepore-Hagan)

    Creates weapons disability data portal (Plummer, Swearingen)

    Regards Cleveland Housing Court's jurisdiction for local codes (Patton)

    Give Cleveland Housing Court environmental pollution jurisdiction (Patton)

    Create the crime of masked intimidation (Plummer, Lang)

    Revise prohibition against criminal child enticement (Miranda, Plummer)

    Regards parental right of disposition for deceased adult child (Galonski)

    Express intent to reform drug sentencing laws (Eklund, O'Brien)

    Change penalties for promoting prostitution (Kunze, Dolan)

    Regulate temporary child hosting with host families (Coley, Hottinger)

    Apply same human trafficking offenses to all victims under 18 (Fedor)

    Prohibit restraining or confining pregnant female offender (Antonio, Lehner)

    Increase penalty for violating a protection order (Hottinger)

    Drug Trafficking Near Treatment Facility (Gavarone)

    Regards restoring competency for mentally ill charged with crime (Gavarone)

    Statutory Construction (Obhof)

    Assault Penalties (Roegner)

    Post Release Monitoring (O'Brien, Manning)

    School Bus Passing (Gavarone)

    Aggravated Bullying (Williams)

    Aggravated Bullying Disciplinary Procedure (Williams)

    Domestic Violence (Kunze, Antonio)

    Failure to Maintain Car Insurance (Huffman)

    Defrauding Alcohol or Drug Tests (Gavarone)

    Provides mechanism for expungement of records of old convictions (O'Brien, Rulli)

    Eliminate statute of limitations for rape; spousal exceptions (Antonio, O'Brien)

    Affirmative Defense (Arndt)

    Grant civil immunity-injury, death, loss from carrying handguns (Schaffer)

    Raise minimum age to purchase firearm to 21 (Thomas, Lehner)

    Limit transfers of firearms/require background checks (Thomas, Lehner)

    Obtain court order temporarily limiting access to firearms (Williams, Lehner)

    Regards managing information related to sex crimes (Eklund)

    Restores local authority to regulate firearms-related conduct (Thomas, Craig)

    Regulate firearms transfers at gun shows (Thomas, Lehner)

    Increase penalty-cruelty to or killing of companion animal (Hottinger, O'Brien)

    Create SORN Law license plate and require display (Schaffer)

    Regards firearm protection orders/seller protection certificates (Dolan)

    Prohibit devices accelerating semi-automatic firearm rate of fire (Thomas, Lehner)